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Lecter will get some lovin’.

Listen to clips from the first Narnia soundtrack here!

After stirring things up with his controversial post about Wendell Berry, now Adam Walter’s stirring a different pot… he really liked Shopgirl!

CONGRATULATIONS to Greg Wolfe and Image journal! You’ll find the following news in their new Image Update.

Every year, Image is proud to publish some of the highest quality writing in the country, and it always gives us an extra boost to be anthologized alongside the best periodicals in the world. So, we wanted to alert you to a few recent “Best of” collections that have selected Image pieces for inclusion this year. (Editors of these collections choose writing from The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and First Things, to drop a few big names.) For starters, Books & Culture editor John Wilson chose two pieces that were originally published in Image to be included in The Best Christian Writing 2006 : Greg Wolfe’s editorial statement from issue #41, “Picturing the Passion,” and Paul J. Willis’s piece, “Spokane: a Triptych,” from issue #40 are gathered with essays by Bill McKibben and Lauren Winner, an interview with Eugene Peterson, and pieces by Virginia Stem Owens, Frederica Mathewes-Green, Nicholas Wolterstorff, and many others. Second, the latest edition of The Best American Spiritual Writing includes Richard Chess’s poem “Kaddish” from Image #42. Everything in this volume is worth dipping into, with notable entries by Robert Cording, Patricia Hampl, and Thomas Lynch. Finally, Garret Keizer’s poem “Hell and Love,” originally published in Image #40, appears in The Best American Poetry 2005 among the exalted company of Tony Hoagland, W. D. Snodgrass, and Adrienne Rich. Be sure to check out these cameo appearances if you haven’t read them in Image yet, and while you’re at it, acquaint yourself with other excellent poetry, nonfiction, and spiritual writing from the past year.

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