Over at GetReligion, Terry Mattingly’s paying attention to see if “Walk the Line” will tell the true story of Cash’s redemption. And apparently, they’re disappointed.

For years, Cash prowled the stage on amphetamines and wept as he sang “The Old Rugged Cross” — often in the same show. Things got better after he married June Carter in 1968, a meeting of souls made in heaven, but worked out in the flesh under the parental gaze of Ezra and Maybelle Carter. These country-music pioneers not only prayed at Cash’s bedside while he kicked drugs, but hung on through years of front-porch Bible study as he walked the line toward redemption.

Cash was in a spiritual war and he knew it.

It seems that the filmmakers did not realize, or elected to overlook, the point at which Cash’s religious conversion began.

Get ready. This week, new reviews by Peter T. Chattaway, Steven D. Greydanus, and many more will arrive to testify as to whether this is a film about a man of faith, or a misguided attempt to paint an insightful portrait a man of fame.

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