I first saw Ben-Hur when I was in high school. The wheels of those racing chariots dug ruts into my memory. But I also remember that, despite its sprawling adventures, despite Charlton Heston’s brawny performance, it was Jesus who stole the show with one small cameo.

It just so happens that I’ve got a copy of the new special edition release of Ben-Hur on DVD, and I’m going to pass it on to whoever offers me the best answers to the following questions:

What movie moment was the most transporting and transforming in your experience of watching films? And why?

In other words… thinking back on your moviegoing experiences, what moment from what movie stands out as being a transformative moment… something that changed your perspective and showed you what art can do?

Please post your answers in the comments here, or email them. On my birthday, October 9th, I’ll send Ben-Hur to my favorite reply. Whether you post your reply or email it to me, be sure I have a way to contact you in case your answer is chosen.

Never seen Ben-Hur? Here’s the official Web site for the new DVD release.

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