Anne and I have come crashing through the front door of our home, leaving behind us a memorable weekend in Colorado Springs, where we met Don Pape, the literary agent that’s changing our lives.

Don gave us a tour of Alive Communications, his place of work. It’s an agency that has represented such admirable writers as Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz), Brennan Manning, Eugene Peterson, and Philip Yancey. We met a whole corridor full of warm and welcoming people. Then Don treated us to a fantastic meal at a well-concealed but excellent restaurant where we were the only customers, and talked for hours about Auralia’s Colors and its sequel, about our lives as writers and readers, about married life, and about other stories I intend to publish someday (if the Lord’s willing).

While Anne and I were in a beleaguered and bleary-eyed state, after spending an exciting week in Santa Fe, we couldn’t have been happier to find such a kindred spirit in Don. Watch for his work. He’s bringing a new book by Margaret Becker to shelves soon that sounds like quite an original work.

Earlier that same day, Annd and I had the pleasure of acquainting ourselves with Shannon Hill and the team at WaterBrook Press. They really “get” what’s going on in Auralia’s Colors, and I’m thrilled to have them handling my projects. When I look at some of the other things they’ve released, I’m flattered to see that my name will be added to the list.

As you can see, I’m working backwards chronologically. Last week, The Glen Workshop was everything we’d hoped for and more. I’ll be posting again soon with a list of thank-yous to everyone who made the week memorable and rewarding.

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