I found an available computer at the library at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, so I’ll just give you these juicy tidbits about my week so far.

– I’m in a week-long fiction workshop with Erin McGraw, an author I hadn’t yet discovered, but now you can call me a fan. She read from an upcoming work tonight, and it was extraordinary. She’s married to the poet Andrew Hudgins, and Anne and I had the pleasure of enoying a meal with these two. They’re amazing. Read their stuff.

– Speaking of meals. Last night, Anne and I stole away for a dinner with two folks with the initials L.D. and K.B., late, in downtown Santa Fe. If you know who I’m talking about, you know how indescribably happy Anne and I were to have such a blessing… how happy we still are.

– The first chapter of the sequel to my novel “Auralia’s Colors” was well-received by the fiction workshop… very encouraging as I dive into the deep end of bringing this book to fruition and then into your hands.

– Anne is reveling in her poetry workshop with the brilliant B.H. Fairchild.

– Santa Fe is as gorgeous as ever. Every evening is a sky gallery of work painted by Georgia O’Keeffe… Yes, she’s getting better and better in the afterlife.

– Wednesday night: Over the Rhine, live. I have the privilege of introducing them. Good grief, how do I keep my introduction from running longer than the show?

All of this to say: See what can happen at the Glen Workshop? Tell me you’re signing up for next year’s event as soon as possible!

Oh… Arts and Faith board folks… TCTRUFFIN is here too. I’ve met another A&F’er!

More to come, in greater detail, upon my return to my desk at home. This is a library computer, and there are folks waiting, so….


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