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posted 06/28/05
I have not seen Bewitched, but I am very surprised at Christianity Today Movies seeming to approve of a film with such themes. Sex, profanity, full-frontal nudity (frankly, I find blurred-out genitals much more vulgar and indecent than fully visible ones—this just draws attention to it all the more) and witchcraft are an odd mix for a film discussed and, it would seem, approved of by CT Movies. It is disingenuous to say that such films don’t glorify sorcery; of course they do, by making it seem harmless and amusing. If people want to make and see such films, they have every right to, but I don’t think CT should encourage people to watch a film that reduces witchcraft to the level of amusing cartoon-style tricks when we all know that in its worst manifestations it is anything but amusing.
Anna Read

posted 06/28/05
How on earth as a Christian magazine can you endorse a movie about witchcraft??? I have just decided Christianity Today is not for me
Anne E. Grimes

Editor’s note: “Approve”? “Endorse”? We simply reviewed the movie; we hardly “approved” it or “endorsed” it. Our 2-star review said the movie had its amusing moments, but ultimately called it “disposable.” Finally, if we are to condemn this film for its whimsical portrayal of witchcraft, then we’d have to go back and condemn all three Lord of the Rings films (in which the witchcraft is hardly whimsical, but quite frightening), and of course, in a few months, we’ll have to condemn The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, for its evil witchcraft.

posted 06/28/05
I did not agree with your review of Herbie: Fully Loaded. A review should be easy. Was I entertained? Yes. Same goes for my entire family, neighbors and friends. We all agree that it was a wonderful and fun family film. If you want to read about how Herbie made me a Christian please visit Herbiemania.
David Evans

So, you would say that “entertaining” equals “excellent”?

posted 06/28/05
Your review of Batman Begins would be expected rather than disturbing had it emanated from a mainstream organization. There is no mention of the repeated profanities, including the profaning of the names of both God and Jesus in separate instances. In only one account on your website was there any mention of any profanity in this movie, in your “What Other Critics Are Saying” section. Lisa Rice of Crosswalk stated, “There is only one profanity in the movie.” But I stopped counting after 15 occurrences. Rice also wrote that “the film is clever and fun. “On the basis of these accounts on your site, I decided to take my wife and son to see this film. I soon realized that it appears no attempt has been made to honor your stated motto, “Biblical perspectives on contemporary cinema. “A more appropriate name for your organization might be “Relativity Today.” Extensive space and celebration in your reviews goes to innocuous issues such as cinematography and direction while those things which should matter to followers of Christ were not mentioned, and your readers were left unwarned. To profess Christ and willingly pay to be entertained by sources which curse a holy God and his Son is the height of hypocrisy and denial of one’s true spiritual position. A “Christian” publication which possesses the capacity to influence or encourage us en masse to be entertained by these sources will most certainly be held accountable.

“Those things that should matter to followers of Christ”? Shouldn’t followers of Christ be concerned about excellence? Beauty? Shouldn’t we draw attention to what is worthy of praise?

Did the movie “curse a holy God”? I didn’t notice. I did, however, notice characters who cursed a holy God… just as characters in the Scriptures sometimes do. Are you really incapable of noticing the difference between the depiction of wrongdoing and, well, wrongdoing?

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