from IMDB news, with a few of my own revisions:

The Rev. Tim Wildmon announced Tuesday that his American Family Assn. has decided to end its nine-year-old boycott of the Walt Disney Co.

Disney employees searching for the “End of Boycott” party were surprised to discover that the most of their coworkers were unaware that their had even been a boycott, and certainly didn’t know that one had ended.

Wildmon indicated that he was not calling off the boycott because of any fundamental changes in Disney’s policies, but because “there are so many other issues we need to move on to and deal with that are taking our time and energy.”

Of course, there is speculation that the boycott was ended because boycotters finally realized they were missing out on some of the best family entertainment ever to reach the big screen (like the Toy Story films, the decidedly pro-family–and quietly pro-life–Finding Nemo, and the aggressively pro-family The Incredibles). Not to mention the fact that if they didn’t end the boycott, they’d miss out on a little film called The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

In a statement on the group’s website, Wildmon added, “If you’re going to call for a boycott of a company — if something has become that serious — you need to have all your resources behind it.” Industry analysts had said that the boycott had had absolutely no impact on Disney’s earnings.

As a matter of fact, all it really did was take away from opportunities to support Disney when they do something worthwhile, and ensure that numerous children miss out on some of their generations’ most delightful media events.

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