From CT Movies’ feedback:

Your review of Madison was excellent.

Why this movie was made is a mystery to me. “Miss Madison” just happened to be the winner the year the Gold Cup came to Madison [1971]. I remember sitting with a group of Hoosiers in Newport Beach, listening at the end of the event on Wide World of Sports. The announcers said it was the happiest day in the history of Madison.We all fell over in laughter.

The greatest day in the history of Madison happened in 1950 during the height of the real Hoosier Hysteria.The Madison Cubs defeated Indianapolis Tech, Marion, and Lafayette Jeff 67-44 to win the one-class state championship in basketball. Madison High didn’t have many more students than Milan (the team called “Hickory” in Hoosiers).

Madison is a beautiful and wealthy little city with great pride. Coalmines are nowhere in sight. People didn’t behave like the movie. The film is fiction, based on a true incident. You hit the nail on the head. Those of us who lived it congratulate you on your review.

– – from an old Madison Cub, long gone from Madison

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