If you have a surround sound DVD system, do not buy the new Beck album Guero on CD.

Instead, purchase the DELUXE DVD version!! It has the entire album, plus several extra tracks, videos for the songs, and more. The surround sound experience is fantastic. Beck clearly conceived of these songs for this format–they’re busy with little details, and they’re spacious enough that you can explore them in different ways with each listen. I rarely listen to an album three times through without a break, but I did tonight, and I can’t wait to hear it again. Beck is one of the few rock artists recording in surround sound. His 5.1 surround version of Sea Change is an awe-inspiring experience. Guero is an entirely different experience, but equally enjoyable.

Meanwhile, I’ve already raved and raved to you about the new Over the Rhine album Drunkard’s Prayer. Now I can tell you that the packaging that comes with it is the most handsome collection of photos they’ve ever offered with an album. Since they moved out of that gorgeous old place called “the Grey Ghost,” where they recorded this record, it’s nice they invited us in for a tour before leaving.

I know, I know, I’ve been promising a full review. I’m working on it. Very soon. Good reviews take time.

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