I mentioned the new book by Marilynne Robinson a while back, and now it’s made even bigger headlines.

Right now, I’m reading the new book by Kazuo Ishiguro (The Remains of the Day), Never Let Me Go.

It’s a fascinting, spooky story about teenagers living in a cloistered community. Like Shyamalan’s latest film The Village, the story leaves us trying to figure out what exactly this community is about, and why it’s so isolated in the world. The farther you read, the more the horror of the situation, and the characters’ inability to make sense of their situation, becomes. I’ve come to care for the narrator’s character very much, and I’m sad to see the end of the story coming so soon. I’ve only read The Remains of the Day, so I’m not an Ishiguro expert by any means, but I’d guess this story is quite a departure for him. He still has an eye for detail and a talent for developing intense emotions without indulging in cheap sentimentality or melodrama. The Big Events in this story are small, almost incidental moments that, because of the journey leading up to them, become loaded with significance.

The book will be published very soon.

And I’m still working my way through Don Quixote for the first time. In stages. I’m finding that I weary of Quixote’s company if I read it every night.

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