For the last two decades, Harrison Ford has been so narrowly focused on action-hero movies and traditional romantic leading-man roles that he’s accepted increasingly embarrassing projects. There have been the occasional experiments–“Presumed Innocent,” and that awful romance with Kirsten Scott Thomas, but he’s clearly shown that he needs help in selecting decent projects.

Dennis Quaid, on the other hand, has continued to improve as an actor, choosing good roles (with the occasional exception, like “Flight of the Phoenix”), delivering strong performances, and being willing to play a variety of characters and not try to hide his age. Instead of performing as Scarlett Johansson’s lover, for example, he’s quite happy just to play her DAD.

Scarlett Johansson hearts Dennis Quaid. And so do I. Posted by Hello

Here’s my review of In Good Company, his latest film, in which the REAL acting story is TOPHER GRACE … who makes a remarkable debut as a leading man. But Quaid is excellent too, and the actors compliment each other perfectly.

So, what do you think? Maybe Quaid should inherit the role of Indiana Jones for the fourth film, since Ford hasn’t done anything worth glancing at since Air Force One (and even that was below-par compared to Ford’s glory days).

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