You could sit and read dozens of “Year’s Best” lists in the next few weeks, or you could just skip all of that and pencil this date onto your calendar: January 9th, 2005.

I’ll be at GreenLake Presbyterian Church in Seattle to talk to anyone that cares to listen about what the films of 2004 say to us about ourselves, our culture, where we’re hurting, what we’re hoping for, and what we value. I’ll talk about what was worth seeing, what wasn’t, what’s worth seeing again, and what I’m trying to forget.

And I’ll ask you to share a bit about something you saw on the big screen this year that was meaningful to you.

January 9th. Sunday evening. 6:00 PM.

Movies are telling us more truth than we really want to think about. How often to we get together to really think them through? It’s like learning to chew your food rather than just swallow it whole … you’ll be glad you did it.

I can’t think of a better place than GreenLake’s sanctuary for an evening of exercising discernment, contemplating what we’ve seen, separating the excellent from the merely good, the mediocre from the awful, and then celebrating what is worthy of praise, and acknowledging the source of all the good stuff.

Best of all, it won’t cost you anything but about an hour and a half of your time.