I consistently get emails from readers of Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass, angry that I would dare criticize such a fine author. They argue that I’m exaggerating the anti-Christianity theme of the books. They seem to think Pullman is a man of staggering intellectual powers.

Well, he does have an impressive imagination. And The Golden Compass showed he has a way with words.

But it also led to sequels that exposed a blatant agenda of ridiculing and slandering Christianity as lunacy and evil. (And then there is his insistence, in interviews, that C.S. Lewis was evil and The Chronicles of Narnia was racist, chauvenist propaganda.)

This week, I’ve found even more perspective from the man, this time related to the election…

How’s this for evidence of deep, deep thinking?

“The Christian right in America is the mirror image of the Islamic fundamentalists.”

Maybe the critics are right. Maybe Pullman DOES have the wildest imagination in literature today.

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