I have never seen a Star Wars movie without knowing the story first.

Not once.

I read the novelisation before I saw Star Wars on the big screen… at seven years old.

I read the classic young-readers’ Star Wars “storybooks” … those large, thin books full of movie photos … because my family forbade me to see The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen (they were concerned about the violence and the rumor in Christian circles that all of this Force stuff was of the occult), and because I was living out in the boonies at a campground the summer of Return of the Jedi. In fact, I never saw Empire on the big screen until the Special Editions arrived. That is just sad, I know.

I gulped down any spoilers I could find about Episodes 1 and 2.

This my last chance to see a Star Wars movie without knowing the story ahead of time. I want to be surprised. Disappointed or delighted, we’ll see… but I want to go into the film without having already learned all of the surprises.

So please help me. Here is my oath:


Don’t send me spoilers.

There is already a detailed, spoiler-filled review of Episode Three out there, from what we hear is a reliable source. I will not read it. Don’t talk to me about it.

It’s my last chance.

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