…according to this Web site.

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Note #59… that Moore is happy to cooperate with terrorist organizations who want to promote his film.

Even if only half of these stand up to scrutiny, it’s hard to believe that this is the behavior of the guy who went on Bill O’Reilly’s show, and called Bush a liar, then defined “liar” as someone who reports false information even if they believe what they’re saying is true?

By that definition… what does that make Michael Moore then, who has clearly fudged on the details in his film?

Understand, I say this in full sympathy of Moore’s cause. He’s got a monster by the tail, and he’s trying to convince everyone there’s a monster there. I believe him… I believe there IS a monster there. And F9/11 does contain some important information. I just think that the monster looks different than the one Moore’s imagining. And I’m frustrated that the Bush administration doesn’t ‘fess up to the fact that there IS a monster there. There HAVE been mistakes made. There ARE some pretty suspicious dealings going on behind the scenes. The American people HAVE been taken for a ride. I just resent the fact that Moore, who’s in a great place to speak about the mistakes that have been made, is blowing his opportunity by using such lousy tactics. It just robs him of his credibility.

Again, the tag line from that Alien vs. Predator movie comes in handy:


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