Arts & Faith is pleased to announce the 2004 Top100 list of spiritually significant films. The Top100 list draws upon decades of cinema and includes U.S. and foreign movies. Popular, “blockbuster” films are balanced with art films. The list offers readers the best, most spiritually significant films ever made. … 

The Top100 list was developed over several months using a combination of anonymous voting, open debate, and expert jury selection. Participants in the selection process were all users of the free Arts & Faith website. The list will be revised annually in the Spring, to reflect new films and refine the list to ensure it best represents the spiritual dimension of classic and modern film. Although developed from a Christian perspective, the focus of the list is the spiritual depth or focus of the films involved rather than moral or commercial value.

The Top100 is available at Additional discussion of the Top100, including breakdown by director and other analysis is available on the Arts & Faith website at

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