Post Update (2012).

Well, here it is: The original post of the Looking Closer blog. You’ve found it. There are posts on this blog that have earlier publication dates, but that’s because they were originally published on the Looking Closer website, which was a separate entity at the time. This was the post that launched the blog and opened up new avenues of writing for me. I’ve started the engines on a lot of journals and creative endeavors that died early deaths, but this one stayed alive and eventually flourished, thanks to the support of readers like you. And I’m so glad that so many of you have been companions on this long journey.

Welcome, Looking Closer readers!

Having despaired of my e-mail journalkeeping, something that never occurred more than once a month due to the struggles with America Online and its e-mail list limitations, I am taking a whole new approach to my casual note-taking.

I’m trying my hand at a blog.

This blog will be a place to let you know news bits, provide interesting links, and formulate early review thoughts on film, music, books, etc. While the Looking Closer site will continue to be the place where I publish finished reviews, this will be a place for more casual chat, whims, and fleeting thoughts.

I hope you find it to be a useful enhancement to the Web site. Frankly, I’m not so sure myself yet whether I will find it to be a comfortable fit or not. We’ll see.