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If I kept track of NCAA Basketball, I would not make any progress writing my new fantasy novel. But I want to make the month of March count, so I am sitting here in my study and filling pages with new storytelling about a character I hope you’ll enjoy.

But once in a while I take a break.

Yesterday, after one of the worst weeks of weather in my 23 years in Seattle, the sun came out for a glorious afternoon today, and Anne said, “Let’s go to the zoo.”

We explored for about 90 minutes before it closed, and we saw a surprising amount of big animal activity. The lions were gorgeous, restless, and vocal. If it hadn’t been for a pane of glass between us, I’d have been nose-to-nose with a massive komodo dragon. A king cobra seemed interested in my yellow umbrella. Penguins dove for their dinner. A kangaroo bounded around in the sun. A waxy monkey frog did a Yoda impression. (Check him out here!) Giant bats stalked around on their cage ceiling. An anteater snuffled for ants.

I came back home inspired to work on my novel… for some reason. The zoo is, after all, a fantasy land.

I’ve also been browsing around, reading about the apparently amazing NCAA upsets, and checking up on what’s happening at the movies.

Here are a few recent links that grabbed my attention… 

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