Up (2009)

My commentary on Up addresses specific plot points, so yes… there are spoilers. Let the reader beware.

The article is published at the blog for Image journal here.

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  1. Dave Von Bieker Says:

    Great review, Jeffrey.

    I’ll be seeing it for the second time this week likely.

    Did you ever see it in 3D? I saw it that way first, and I have a suspicion that it added exactly nothing to the experience. In fact, as someone who wears glasses, it was distracting at best.

    You didn’t mention my favorite scene. I think it is so powerful when, in order to get that house in the air one more time, Carl needs to jettison every last thing from within it. Even the last picture of his wife. He needs to drop all the baggage in order to keep his dream afloat. In order to keep his hope alive. I still think about that image.

  2. chris Says:

    I actually just rewatched “The Muppet Movie” this weekend…I wish more was done to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. I still think it’s one of the greatest family movies ever made…heck, it’s just a great movie period.

    Great thoughts on “Up.” I’ve seen several great films this year–”Moon,” “The Hurt Locker,” “Public Enemies”–but for some reason it’s still “Up” that grabs me the hardest. Whenever I think of that opening sequence, I still get a lump in my throat. As chance would have it, I just also re-watched “WALL-E” this weekend and got into a discussion with my sister about what we thought the better Pixar film was. Finally I just threw up my hands because I realized it doesn’t matter–they have the keys to the magic store (couldn’t resist another Muppet Movie reference) and are easily the best working studio in Hollywood. I’m a little worried about going to the well again with “Toy Story 3″ but I trust John Lasseter entirely…even if they get in a rut, we still have films like “Up.”

  3. Vikki (Philippines) Says:

    Hiya Jeffrey!

    Up will be showing in August 16 here (I know!). You had me at that photo of yours with the Up poster definitely :). Your link was so tempting and i had to stop reading by the “How faithful are we in the promises we make?…” paragraph. I do want to watch it in IMAX but maybe not in 3D ’cause i wear glasses. I guess i’ll have to finish reading the link by August 17 then…
    I’m very excited to watch it and bestest regards!

  4. Elrond Says:

    Up was just released in europe finally. I saw it in 3d and really enjoyed, time to finally read your review. Didn’t want to read the plot before i saw it.

  5. James Says:

    Up really is such an awesome visual experience. Pixar did it again

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