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Born to play royalty: Cate Blanchett will be Maid Marian.

Josh Hurst noticed this at Huffington Post:

John & Yoko’s “Double Fantasy” has to be the reason Sony invented programmable CD players. And Buddy & Julie Miller’s Written In Chalk, due out on March 3rd from the New West label, must be the reason all CD players have a repeat button. Buddy & Julie Miller have been singing, recording, and producing music together, for each other and for others for over 20 years. On this new collaboration, they have some help from good friends Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, and Patty Griffin, and what they give us could be the best moments of their illustrious careers.

It took me a few days to get through the whole record because I couldn’t get beyond the opening track, Mr. Miller’s autobiographical “Ellis County,” a big, moving story with a killer melody and even “killerer” harmonies. (mid-February 2009, and “Ellis County” is my favorite song of the year.) When I finally moved on, I found a few more gems, like the Buddy & Robert Plant duet on the Mel Tillis penned “What You Gonna Do Leroy.” Plant sounds quite at home doing the Nashville shimmy with Buddy Miller. Then there is “Don’t Say Goodbye,” Julie Miller’s heartbreaker featuring Patty Griffin’s harmonies. This one will tear you apart.

CT has a new photography blog: Imago Fidei.

Today, they invite you to go back into the world of Slumdog Millionaire… to visit some of the folks who live there.

Does Pixar have a gender problem? (Thanks to Brendan Ribera for the link.)

Just discovered Paste’s Indie Rock Alphabet Book. Guess which page makes me happiest!

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  1. AzhiaShalott Says:

    Interesting article on Pixar’s gender problem. Looking up The Bear and the Bow on, it appears that Pixar will follow the route of most Disney fairytales by killing off the princess’s mother. As a child, one of my favourite Disney movies was Pocahontas (which, I acknowledge, was a problematic movie in many respects) precisely because she was a little less “princess-y” than the others and because the story didn’t conclude in the typical “happily-ever-after” fashion.

  2. Anthony Says:

    More royalty, Blanchett is playing the title role in “Richard II” at the Sydney Theatre.

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